The RIGHT Preneed answer to the RIGHT question

September 1, 2015 by  

Last time around I upset Shakespeare’s apple cart by letting you know Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” question failed to, pass muster for the modern Preneed Player.

The REAL question every pre-need seller should be asking themselves is this:

“What business am I really in?”

And NO, the answer is not “I’m in the dry cleaning business” or “I’m in the insurance business” or “I’m in the death and dying”, or “I sell caskets & graves…”, and on and on.

The right answer boils down to what’s the TRANSFORMATION your pre-need business provides for your perfect customer.

Charles Revlon (yes, of perfume fame) once said: 

“In the factories we make perfume, but in the stores we sell hope.”

What is it your pre-need business is actually selling?  Think about this long and hard – it really is key.  For instance, the dry cleaner isn’t selling “dry cleaning.” 

They are selling self-esteem and career success. The financial planner isn’t selling stocks, bonds, and investment vehicles.  They are selling a future without fear, living a wonderful lifestyle earned through wisdom and discipline.

Get the picture? 

Take a moment and think about the transformation YOUR pre-need business provides – not the product/service – but the real, emotional impact of what it is you provide means to the customers you serve. 

THAT’S the business you’re in.

Getting down to our REAL pre-need business is exactly why you’ve got to focus on YOUR PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER.

And quit selling products and services.

The way you do that is to set the stage from the very beginning thru your presentation and, the LESS you talk about Caskets & Graves the more you’ll get to the heart of what it is you truly do.

Step One is the presentation, go to the top right of this page, name and email, for a daily pre-need-strategy and link for more on presentations.

Next time we’ll talk about the TRUE value of smoke and mirrors.

Happy Selling!



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