Simple Preneed Solutions

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Simple Preneed Solutions

One of the most difficult things for sellers of preneed
too overcome is existing bad habits.

I had received an email from a fellow seller who
wondered out loud why people can’t get things done.

It’s almost impossible to eliminate bad habits.

And we all have them.

Bad habits affect us in all parts of our personal
and professional life.

The solution is much easier than you might think.

But the key is don’t focus on eliminating the bad habit –

Because it’s nearly impossible to eliminate bad habits.

But it’s a lot easier to replace a bad habit with a good habit.

It maybe simplistic but the reason I get more done in
couple of hours than most get done in a couple of days,

Has to do with replacing bad habits with good habits.

It came from a simple idea.

Develop one very simple solution to one very
complex problem.

My solution was to replace one bad habit with
a new habit by reading thirty minutes a day.

Every day, I’d get up thirty minutes earlier
than normal.

I’d set the alarm clock,

And read for thirty minutes til it went off.

It wasn’t easy to do at first,

I had to fight myself to get up an
extra thirty minutes early.

Eventually I got used to it and it became a habit.

The way to get more done faster
and quicker is to accomplish something
no matter how small or simple.

Once done it becomes a new habit.

Than repeat the process.

Every time you succeed with a new
habit repeat the process.

So, what should you be reading for
those thirty minutes a day?

Well, obviously, the monthly, print publication,

Preneed Players.

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Happy Selling!



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