The Successful Pre-Need Seller Attitude

January 19, 2010 by  

Attitudes are really important for sellers of pre-need.  You cannot survive with a “bad” attitude but you cannot succeed by always being positive.

The mantra of thinking positive doesn’t work very well.

A better approach is to combine emotion with logic and focus on how many prospects you need to say yes to an appointment, presentation, sale(s).

Don’t worry about the negatives, the fear, or the no(s).

We’ve spoken before about your average sale, your average commission, the amount of contacts it takes for you to make an appointment.

I don’t know your magic number of contacts that leads to appointments that leads to presentations that leads to sales. 

This is the point where we take logic and apply it to emotions.  If you know you have to talk to 15 prospects in a week to make 3 presentation to make one sale that is equals the objective (logic).

When you know what to expect you won’t be disappointed.  You’ll know what you have to do and be able to apply a “positive” attitude toward getting the job done.

You can also apply Time Management to your logical goal of meeting, presenting, and selling X number per week. 

Do a little homework tonight and figure out what you need to do to get a sale.

Next, focus on all the positive responses you get that bring you closer to that sale.

Finally, as you merge logic and emotion you’ll discover a new way to promote a positive attitude for yourself.

Remember, only YOU can improve your positive, upbeat attitude.  No one else will do it for you.  Like I always say, they can’t take your education or experience away from you.  You’ll naturally and easily see your new positive attitude improve even more with each day of new success when you merge logic and emotion.

Happy Selling!



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