The Pre-Need Lone Ranger

August 22, 2013 by  

This fascinating question came in…

I really appreciate your website and read it every day. I feel like the Lone Ranger as anything I do no one else will do
and thinks I’m out of my mind. Most of what you seem to preach would make you the Lone Ranger of sorts.
I’m the Lone Ranger and don’t need anyone’s help. I really don’t want any help. What do you think?

You know, there’s a little more to the Lone Ranger story than a lot of folks might think

The Lone Ranger was named because he was the lone survivor of a group of Texas Rangers killed

In fact, if it wasn’t for Tonto he probably would have died

His nick name (The Lone Ranger) had more to do with being one survivor out of an ambush than “GOING IT ALONE”

Fact is, the Lone Ranger relied on a host of folks to help him out including his constant companion, Tonto

When it comes to selling Pre-Need I’ve been a Lone Ranger testing out all kinds of things my fellow compadres considered stupid

I’ve relied on a ton of help including my original mentor Tom

It might seem like you’re going it alone (and you are in terms of your fellow pre-need sellers thinking what you do won’t work)

But you aren’t going it alone in terms of “doing it all yourself”

I mean, let’s face it, why else would you be on the website if you weren’t picking up strategies, techniques, and other helpful tips

The true goal of the Lone Ranger was to bring the Cavendish gang to justice for killing his Texas Ranger Compadres including his brother

The true goal of a pre-need seller is to profit and ‘make an excellent’ living selling pre-arrangements utilizing whatever help we can get along the way

We’re only the Lone Ranger on how we operate outside of the industry norms

And, we’re always looking for “like-minded” folks to help mentor, coach, and train us

When you’re ready to take it to the next level, go to the top right side of this page, send name & email
and I’ll send you a daily pre-need strategy as well as a link to test-drive silver level membership
and get the snail-mail, print-version, monthly, PRE-NEED PLAYERS newsletter

There’s nothing more powerful than gathering several of us together to accomplish a goal

That is those of us dedicated Lone Rangers who want to sell more pre-need in
the next six months than the previous twelve months

Talk to you soon,

Happy Selling!



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