The Pre-Need Plateau

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The Pre-Need Plateau

This question came in…

I’m at the top of my game right now. Had the best year of my career in 2012 but things are a little slower this summer.
Just wondering if there’s something I could do to get me back in “record breaking” territory. Do you have anything
for the more advanced seller? Thanks for the daily emails, Jim

It is a fair question Jim as most of the materials on the website are more for newbie pre-need sellers

There are two things in particular that should help you

First, the newsletter is the best way to get to the “next level”

The September edition will have several changes in it including a name change..

Pre-Need Players

The idea is to “get in the game” as Cal Ripken Jr said it in his book with the same name

The newsletter is a little edgy & controversial

And, how do you go beyond the “plateau” you find yourself in?

A Pre-Need Mastermind Group…

I’ve sent a note to most of my subscribers about it

So, might as well tell you as well.

I’m toying with a small Pre-Need Mastermind Group and let me define it for you

A mastermind is designed to reinforce growth and success, offering support for one another, accountability, sharing what works, and more…

Historically a mastermind group has been credited with the most successful inventors, business folks, and more

And they generally site the mastermind as a huge reason for their success

My recommendation is two-fold

Go to the top right side of this page and send name & email and
I’ll send you a daily pre-need strategy


The link to test-drive the silver-level private membership
and the newsletter – details with the link

Happy Selling!


P.S. The Pre-Need Mastermind Group may or may not be for you. Please send a response to this email if it is something you’re open to and understand it will be by invitation only and capped in size


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