Top Producing verse Poor Pre-Need Sellers

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The difference between Top Producing Pre-Need Sellers and Poor performers is astounding. 

The folks who are barely getting by are large in number.

How we view our income potential determines how much income we make and how successful we are.

It’s interesting to study the work attitudes of successful pre-need sellers today, compared to poor producers.  How they work and think, the amount of sales revenue they generate pretty much determines the results they get.

For example

Poor Producers:  need to work on paperwork

Top Producers:  need to work on getting a referral from a Prospect

Poor Producer:  Things are really slow, no one’s purchasing right now….I’m taking the day off.

Top Producers:  Things are slow, I need to do some prospecting.

Poor Producers:  Blame everyone else for their mediocre sales.

Top Producers:  Look in the mirror when sales are slow and do something about it because they know they are responsible for their success.

From my own experience and various discussions I’ve had with Top Producers and Poor Producers I’ve determined

Top  Producers:  are organized with their time and know what they are going to do every day.

Top Producers:  work smart and time-block their schedule.

Top Producers:  do very little complaining and make few excuses. 

Poor Producers:  complain about everything and constantly make excuses for their lack of results.

Many Poor Producers today are barely getting by, struggling from month to month, wondering where their next sale is coming from.

Top Producing Pre-Need Sellers are becoming the exception to the rule and it seems to be getting worse.

Going from a Poor Producer to a Top Producer requires a different mindset, a different view of your success, and what you invest your time in.

Remember, no one can take away your education and experience. 

If you want to become a Top Producer here are 4 suggestions:

  1. Spend less time on non-productive work (if it doesn’t contribute to a sale it isn’t productive)
  2. Spend 5 minutes a day on your goals and 1 hour a day on self-improvement
  3. Develop self-discipline and a daily routine including doing something every day that brings you closer to a sale.
  4. Get rid of the excuses, you determine your success

It’s not the economy, your company, your co-workers, that’s responsible for your success…it’s YOU.

Happy Selling!




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