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August 16, 2013 by  

Recently, I sent a very controversial email out.

I even warned those who are wimpy, politically correct, over-sensitive,

Always miss the point, folks who aren’t in reality

I warned them to quit reading if they’re thin-skinned mushy wannabes.

Of course, several ignored my advice and read on.

And, became upset, and got all discombobulated, annoyed,
aggravated, and just plain pissed.

The topic was “accurate thinking”

So, let me elaborate a little more on it so you can get the point and do something about your current situation.

You’re either growing or you’re dying,
there is no in between –David Dassow

We’re all dealt a hand in life.

We’ve gotta make a conscious decision to succeed.

We’ve gotta overcome any of our “challenges” no matter what they are.

In the old days we’d call them handicaps

but the reality is

What we were born with including how we speak, look, think

And our growing up circumstances don’t hinder us at all.

There was a baseball player named Jim Abbott
who was born without a right hand.

He played for ten years in the big leagues

He threw a no-hitter in 1993

Many ball teams he faced tried bunting on him to
take advantage of his one hand.

But, the tactic was never effective.

Accurate thinking is nothing more than assessing your advantages and challenges and work thru them.

There are no excuses.

The excuses we make about our situation don’t cut the mustered

If you have a stutter I could counter with Don,

I personally door-knocked with in amazement

as he’d use that severe stutter to gather leads.

Whatever disadvantage you think you have

Someone’s used it to their advantage and you can as well

All it requires is accurate thinking

Accurate thinking is you understanding who you are

And making adjustments to compensate for any deficiency

Once the assessment is complete decide what it is you want

Then, go and get it

Happy Selling!


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