What kinda pre-need sandwich will you make this year?

January 5, 2016 by  

There’s an old story: two guys sitting together
at the work site,

Eating their packed lunches from home.

One guy unwraps his sandwich and cries out,

“Cheese sandwiches again! Why must every day
bring cheese sandwiches!?”

The other guy, puzzled, asks:

“Why don’t you ask your wife
to fix you something different?”

First guy answers: “I pack my own lunch.”

Talk about self-defeating… and this attitude
doesn’t apply ONLY to sandwiches.

Many people – deep down inside – feel undeserving
of pre-need prosperity and success.

And when they begin achieving it, they turn

Indeed, more people lose out to pre-need
self-sabotage than to sabotage by others…

And by a LONG shot!

On the other hand, highly successful pre-need
players believe and act as if success is their
God-given right.

They plan for it.  They expect it.

They accept and embrace it.

They take everything that is available to them
without remorse.

There are many really big name players,

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is such a
person – much to the annoyance of his
many detractors.

While he was CEO, they came out of the woodwork to
complain about his industry dominance,

His lavish wealth … utterly ignorant of the “natural laws”
he used to his advantage and,

Which are available to anyone willing to
use them as well.

You can allow life’s pre-need ups and
downs to hold you back OR,

You can rise above them to create pre-need opportunity
by making wise choices.

So… what kind of pre-need sandwich will
you make this year?

Happy Selling!



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