When the going gets tough

July 21, 2015 by  

There’s a popular proverb attributed to
both Joseph Kennedy (the father of JFK)
and football legend Knute Rockne:

“When the going gets tough,
the tough get going.”

A pretty solid sentiment… and one that’s
been echoed over and again by many others
over the years.

However, there’s one variation you don’t
see as much, offered up by the late
literary legend Hunter S. Thompson:

“When the going gets tough,
the weird turn pro.”

Exactly what the good Doctor meant by
that turn of phrase, wiser minds than
mine continue to ponder.

Nevertheless, the key point here is that
difficult times mandate serious action.

And that’s exactly what a mentor,
recommends as key and I call,

“Preneed Player” thinking.

Regardless of the conditions and
circumstance, you need to plow
through – refusing to let

Circumstance or popular consensus
get in the way.

Indeed, had Walt Disney heeded the
wise counsel to slow down after
bankruptcy and instead erred on
the side of caution,

To wait for better times,

Would we still have the empire of the
Mouse on which the sun never sets?

I don’t know, can’t guess and there’s
no way for anyone else to know either.

But for the most part, it’s not what
Maverick Millionaires and
Preneed Players usually do,

So it’s not the kind of question they
ever ponder.

They are busy doing, while others are

So my advice is simple.

Get tough.

Get going.

Turn pro.

Keep at it until you see the results
you want.

That’s why all the great Preneed Players
hang with the best, get invited to
attend events geared to the cream
of the crop and,

Preneed Players invest in themselves
in order to get better.

It really is a matter of who you spend
your time with,

And sharing those passions for

It’s this kind of “outside the box”
thinking and more that you get
when surrounded with the

Happy Selling!


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