Who cares what they think?

April 29, 2013 by  

Who cares what “they” think?

I’ve never come out with this publicly

And, in some ways, it is the foundation to me selling pre-need

And that is…

You’re NOT defined by the people who love and support you

You’re defined by what YOU think of you

Seventy-five percent of the coaching I do is geared toward SELF-ESTEEM

And value…

You see the media, and people in general, like to tear down other people

I think it makes ‘em feel superior

The fact is you were born to succeed

There’s no doubt about it all you need is a
fighting chance to show those S O B’s

The “so-called” pre-need training programs are few and far between

Usually done by some has-been, or almost was, or wanna-bee,

The fact is you can sell more pre-need in the next six months than the previous twelve

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