Why I don’t do industry conferences, BUT

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Why I don’t do industry conferences but…

For the most part you’ll hear me go on about
industry norms and mediocre.

The biggest problem with industry norms is you usually get mediocre at best.

So, after a five year hiatus why am I attending
the ICCFA Wide World of Sales and,

Why would I go to a conference after all these years?

Well, first, I’ll give you three reasons why I’m attending and three tips on how to get a whole
bunch out of attending a conference.

First, I’ve never attended the ICCFA sales conference,

Second, there’s no less than a dozen How To Sell Pre-Need subscribers here,

I’m always excited to meet “in-person” and associate a face with Silver & Gold Members (speaking of which, be sure and opt into my email on the top right side of this page for my daily-email-pre-need-strategy and a description of the different levels of membership)

Third, I’m in town anyway.

There are a host of different reasons you might
attend an industry conference.

Below are the TOP THREE STRATEGIES you should do every time you go to maximize the experience.

ONE – Meet 5 people in positions of authority
higher than yours.

Networking and getting to know people in the
industry’s smart.  But, you’ve got to make the
effort as they’re not going to seek you out.

TWO – Meet with 3 people from your state or
local town/city (even if a competitor).

There’s what I call “friendly” competition.  There’s plenty of business for everyone.  It doesn’t hurt to get to know people in the business.  You never know when or where you can build an alliance.

THREE – Write down 3 Golden Nuggets of info
you can take and run with.

Attending a conference can be overwhelming so be focused on the outcome you want.

I’ve picked up on a couple of new things by talking to people.  But, no matter how big your list gets narrow it down to the Top Three Golden Nuggets of info, especially info you can implement now.

Happy Selling!


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