2nd Quarter Done, Now What?

July 9, 2016 by  

We’re done with the second quarter of 2016.

Done, gone, and buried.

This question came in after my last post on
the first quarter.

1st Quarter Done

The question had a lot to do with the term
“GOAL” and my idea of OUTCOME.

So, I’m going to take another shot at explaining
the differences between goals and outcomes.

Goals are one of those things that everyone likes
to talk about but no one seems to really focus
on it.

They prefer to establish a goal and go on about
there business.

Most don’t hit their goals and say, oh well.

But the outcome doesn’t end.  We keep going until
we achieve an outcome.

I much prefer to ask the question:

“What outcome do I really want?”

I’m not a fan of the word GOAL because it’s a
generalization not a specific outcome you want.

And, yes, you can define a goal to fit what it is
you want but most don’t do the daily things
necessary to hit those elusive goals.

Instead, I’m more about a “time” approach to
accomplishing the things I need to get done.

In other words, I view each day with an outcome
in mind.  I know if I achieve my daily outcomes
I’ll get what it is I really want.

From a time perspective I can not only measure
how long it takes to achieve an outcome
I don’t worry about hitting a goal or not because
goals are to vague even if well defined.

The “goal” approach usually requires more effort
than a simple outcome, if you will.

For example, to say you want more money isn’t
a goal or an outcome.

The better question to ask yourself is:

What outcome do I want and focus all your
energies to getting it.

I write a lot… if my goal was to put out my
monthly publication, Preneed Players, I’d
never get it done.

Instead, I have a daily outcome of writing
no less than ONE HOUR A DAY.

I know if I write for an hour a day I’ll achieve
the outcome I want but even more important
the overall outcome of producing Preneed

Here’s another way of saying it.

If the goal is to publish Preneed Players, how does
that get me closer to the goal?

If the OUTCOME is Preneed Players in the mail
to my subscribers that’s an outcome I can see,
feel and touch.

So, for me, the entire day is one OUTCOME.

And, I measure my outcome hourly… sometimes
measured in 15 minute increments.

The focus is on that outcome, using all the tools of
time-blocking, leverage, and environment.

Now I realize I could call it a goal, formulate some
objectives and strategies on how to achieve the
goal but that doesn’t work as well as a
daily outcome I have in mind.

Another example is PROSPECTING.

Every day, day in and day out, I do some type of
prospecting.  I don’t measure it in time.  I measure
it from an outcome perspective.

Now, what do I have to do to get there?

I may stumble and fumble along the way but as
long as I’m headed to the outcome I want
I’ll soon achieve it and unlike a goal I’m
not stopping until the outcome is

It’s not vague.

It’s specific.

Last time I wrote about the 1st quarter.  Three months
have gone by… the question you should ask yourself is;

Did I achieve the outcome I desired?

How close are you to your outcome?

Focus on the outcome measuring the progress in minutes
not months or years.

Happy Selling!



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