5 Minute Pre-Need Quickie; Sales Letter & Time part 2

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We’ve been talking about using sales letters to follow-up with at-need families. 

Using letters is an excellent system to follow-up that involves no time at all.  Obviously you can burn up the phones and call your at-need families and you’ll get in touch with a few but leave messages with the rest.

The question is how productive were you?

My suggestion is to do your mailings like we spoke about in part one.

Put a system into place. 

The system can be as simple as pre-done letters (saved in your computer) that you mail out at specific times.

For more info on sales letters click here

All you have to do is put your at-need family into your data base and when the date comes up print your letter and mail it.

To take it to the next level begin to research at-need families;  Go back one year.

I guarantee no one is doing this!

The goal is to prospect using as little time as possible. 

By using the mail you’ve saved tons of time. 

Think about the alternative?  How much time does it take you to drop in on the family?  How much time does it take to continually phone your family?  A side benefit to using sales letters is you put yourself into a better Toll Position.  Positioning is critical to a Sales Associate.

Now, through this system, you receive the phone calls from your at-need families.

Finally, track your results especially the responses to your 1st mailing, 2nd mailing, 3rd mailing….

Let me repeat the above; TRACK YOUR RESULTS and be firmly flexible.  Be prepared to tweak your system.  If it ain’t working, change it…… 

We’ll continue part 3 tomorrow.

Until next time, Happy Selling!


P.S.  Here’s the [QuickieSalesLetterTimeB.mp3].

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  1. SJ Stuesser on June 24th, 2009 11:26 AM

    Great stuff as usual. Can’t wait to notch my system up and take this to the next lelvel.

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