5 Minute Pre-Need Quickie; Sales Letter & Time part 3

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We’re up to part three of “5 Minute Pre-Need Quickie” sales letters & time, following up with at-need families.

Today we’ll talk about cherry-picking at-need cases.  In order to be as efficient as possible you should research cases that fit your criteria.  Research all the at-need cases to narrow down.  The goal is to reduce your inventory of at-need cases to the type you want to pursue.

It is important to think in terms of time and the economics of the sale.  The type of cases you want to do including, age, cremation, no memorial, ship-outs, traditional burials, next-of-kin, to name a few.

Also, pre-arranged cases going at-need and pure at-need cases. 

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Another thing to look at is your average sized at-need cases.  The economics need to be in your favor.

Another strategy I recommend is to Cherry-pick the stuff you want even if the economics aren’t as good.  You’ll be more efficient and happier if you do what you want more than what you need. 

It will take you the same amount of time to go after follow-up at-need cases no matter the type of case so don’t forget the economics…it’s that important.  Why bother spending lots of time on cases you don’t want if the economics are bad.

One final thought is, how did the at-need family pay?  If there were car washes and fundraisers to pay for the service you might want to take that into consideration.

Let me repeat, base your decision to go after cases, on the type of business you want to do and don’t forget to consider the economics of the business.

Happy Selling!


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