A Quickie Pre Need Time Strategy

October 22, 2017 by  

One thing that will maximize your preened sales more than anything else is to be efficient with your time.  Before you go on about time-management give me a moment to define “preened sales time”.

First, yes I’ve sold preened.  I started selling grave spaces door-to-door back in 1999.

Second, I sold my last grave space door-to-door in 2013.

In between my career has gone from Sales Manager to Managing the outside sales force for a large company to consulting to leaving the industry for about 9 months to back.

I’m closing in on 18 years in the business.

So, I’m sharing that to tell you that I’ve done it, did it, and now consult full time in the areas of selling preened with a focus on the individual seller of pre-arrangements.

My heart is with the individual who has to go out and make a living selling pre-need.

Having said all of that I can tell you from both personal experience and managing lots of sellers that the number one big mistake I see is “time strategy”.

Or, I should say, a lack of time-strategy.

It’s just too easy to waste lots of time in the selling process.  The drive time for example is necessary but also a missed opportunity.

The “no show” appointment is a missed opportunity.

There are lots of other opportunities you can view that are smaller increments of time that you can do something else to leverage and become more productive now.

I love lists and use them all of the time.  As I complete a task I add tasks.  Admittedly, my list always has something on it but there’s no greater feeling than to cross something off the list.  Each time I cross off a task I’ve accomplished and reduced my list.

Here’s today’s tip.

Write down (no more than one task per line) in a brainstorm fashion different tasks that need to be done.

Here’s some secret sauce.  Add the “daily” tasks you should do.  This maybe phoning, prospecting, anything routine.

Those daily tasks go at the top of your list.

Happy Selling!



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