Can you really double preneed every 6 months?

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I used to get this question in different forms when I posted about how to double your preneed every 6 months.

And, yes, you can do it.

I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned a real key factor in how to double pre-arrangements in such a short time.

So, here goes…

One of the most difficult things involving presenting and selling pre-arrangements is time.

We’ve only got so much time.  Basically, the same 24 hours everyone else has and who wants to spend every waking moment talking about preneed?

When I first began selling preneed I figured I’d out-work everyone.  I thought if I’d just work longer hours and invest more of my time into this adventure I’d beat everyone and be very successful.

If you don’t know my story I failed miserably at selling preneed for quite a while so the “invest” all of my time strategy didn’t work.

And, once I figured things out I soon discovered I was working less not more.  That became my mantra, “less is more”.

How was I able to double my sales, then double again, then double yet again, and do it about every 6 months working less than everyone else?

Glad you asked.

Here’s a “How to Sell Pre Need” concept about time you should know and do.

It’s called leverage.

I would leverage everything and anything.

For example.  If I had to go out into the cemetery to look for a grave space I’d look around the area for different dates of death.  Basically, I was looking for someone in their 60s who had died.

The reason, I could figure out the ages of relatives from that one bit of information.  I’d take notes, and it would take a few extra minutes at best.

Then, after taking the family out to the grave side of their loved one I’d note a other things.

Obviously I’d mention to loved ones if there was available spaces nearby but I’d also have some names to research for later.

It took me minutes and the idea is to leverage any and everything you do.

Admittedly, I didn’t get a lot of grave spaces from that strategy but I saved time and the last time I tracked it for a year, picked up 10 grave space sales that I wouldn’t have had other wise.

Lesson one to double your sales is to leverage your time by doing more than one task, especially on those routine items you have to do anyway.

Happy Selling!



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