How to Sell PreNeed with your Techno-Gadget

May 14, 2017 by  

I know it’s Sunday and I don’t normally post but, what the heck?  I’m in the mood and I thought I’d share a little techno-advice.

Just a reminder I’ve been in the pre-need selling business for plus 17 years.  It’s important to know this because when I got started these Smart-Phones weren’t around and even cell phones in general were not that common.

So, when I got started I used a 3 X 5 card box.  It had 12 months worth of tabs and 1 – 31 days to help me stay organized.

If I were starting out today I’d still prefer the system because it didn’t require a battery or charging.  And, if I dropped the box in water I’d still probably be able to rescue it and use it unlike the cellphone.

So, one lesson is to always remember to have a back-up system when your device fails you.

The thing I would do now verse 17 years ago is put that info (that I used to put on those 3 X 5 cards) in my Smart-Phone.

The other day I was at a Business Networking Function and a lady I met took my picture and put all my info in the phone while we spoke.  It took her all of 35 seconds.

And, that’s the lesson for you.  When you’re prospecting get a picture of your prospects.  Put that info into your smart device.  Maybe you’re younger than me but I can tell you a picture’s worth a thousand words.

And for the pre-need seller, remembering a face and name’s tough when you meet lots of people.

I think it’s the smartest thing you can do to save time and especially energy looking for that lead card on your prospect.

Give it a try.

Happy Selling,


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