How to solve your shortage of sales

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How to solve your shortage of sales 

We’re talking about Time and the Pre-Need Seller.

Recently I received several emails with the same topic asking about “systems”.  “I need systems, I need to systematize.  How do I systematize?”

First, we all have a system.  Yes, you have a system.  It might be a crappy system but you have a system. 

Heck, many of us reinvent our system every day and spend lots and lots of time starting from scratch.

Think about this for a moment.  How many times do you look at the same leads?  Let me give you an analogy.

Recently the Admin Department gave me a hard time because I didn’t follow the “system” they had in place for moving paper.

This really got me thinking.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you turn in an agreement.  It doesn’t matter what’s on the agreement just pick something.  The agreement can be a new funeral or cemetery contract.

Once that contract is turned into Admin what happens?  Perhaps the Admin folks make the appropriate copy, log in the agreement, input into the computer software system, pass the paper down the line to another individual who pulls files or makes up files for the new agreement. 

As the contract works its way further down the Admin line someone else handles the agreement and new folder housing it and new block cards/index cards.

Next, someone checks the entire paperwork to make sure the thing is correct and the computer software program is finalized and your contract is now in the system.

The above Admin description is a system. Now for the analogy.

What do you do with your new leads?

Let me tell you what a fellow pre-need seller does with his leads.  The reason I know this is I asked him.  This particular individual seller has been around for 15 plus years.  I asked him about his system for tracking leads.

Actually, he doesn’t really have much of a system however he does have the same pattern he uses to deal with a lead.

He calls them to follow-up for an appointment and based on what they say either calls again later or moves on to the next lead.  He sort of gets a “feeling” of whether the lead is a sale or not.

The reason I mention him is because most pre-need sellers have a similar system.  Very short term and usually give up after a day or two or week or two or month or two.  He’ll generally keep a note taped to his shelf above the desk.

By the way, once he gets over that feeling of purchasing or not he tosses the note in the trash.

This is his system.

I believe it is a crappy system but it is a system.

I’d also argue his system is time inefficient and not well thought out.  It relies on the “porcupine” theory of they’re ready to buy now.

Does this system sound familiar to you?

Do you have a similar system of keeping up (or not) with your leads?

Next time we’ll talk about Time in a different way.

We’re going to go through a sample system you can use or tweak to your liking.

We’re going to talk about how to “systematize” your leads so you spend little time looking at notes taped to your desk and everything becomes “automated” like my Admin story.

The real goal is to put a lead in your “system” and let the “system” take over.

Once you do this you can “time-block” your schedule and become more efficient with your time because without an efficient “system” you’re wasting more time and creating frustration for you.

Happy Selling!


P.S. The follow-up snail-mail package was sent Monday to all the folks requesting the newsletter. I’ve also made the information available through a special page for my friends outside the U.S.

P.P.S. One challenge I have for all of you is to be observant of what other industries do to prospect, advertise, sales process, sales letters, newsletter, and on.

Don’t be bashful about requesting information from other companies to study how they follow-up and their techniques.

All the biggest ideas come from outside the industry you work in. If you continually look at what every body else does inside your industry you’ll continue to get the same results they are getting.

If we get lousy results and everyone else gets lousy results we seem to feel better. If you want so-so results this website isn’t for you.

And to all the nice folks emailing me to tell me that we’ve never done it this way I say; So?

We seem to have this aversion to change. We’d rather look at what every body else does for the answers.

The truth about it is hardly anyone in the industry has the answers. They’ll tell you the same thing. Do this and Do that just like everyone else. Why is this? Well, they tell you, “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

All I can tell you is to start running away from those industry norm mediocre people. Once you’re convinced that the industry norm is the only way to do it you’re finished.


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