How’s That Technology Working For You?

June 15, 2009 by  

How’s That Technology
Working For Your?
Are You More Or Less Effective
Than You Were A Year Ago?

There’s a Top Secret productivity killer that’s been hurting Sales Professionals for some time.  It’s called “modern technology”.  Think about this for a moment.  Modern technology is supposed to make our life easier.  But, for many, it doesn’t help one bit.  In fact, all this modern technology does is plug you in like an umbilical cord.  You cannot escape and you become available to every body and anybody.

Positioning is a big deal for people in sales.  Are you easily accessible?  How easy is it to contact your Doctor?  Do you call and expect to talk to your Doctor immediately?  I’ll bet you can’t.

Sales Professionals endure constant negatives.  Sales Professionals experience rejection, disappointment, and many “no(s)”. 

The need to rebound from the constant negative is great.  Therefore you must engineer your daily schedule to allow for recovery time.  Most Sales Professionals never allow sufficient time to recover.

Recovery time can be defined as time to think, regain your perspective on selling, your goals, rest, and rejuvenate.  Time to recover used to exist automatically through a car drive, a restaurant, time alone, at the park. 

But today, this isn’t the case.  Today, we have pagers, cell-phones, blackberries, email, text, and I-phones.  We now have portable devices encompassing all the above.  You can run but you cannot hide.

Heck, we now take messages and communicate instantly.  It is impossible to escape for even a moment.  People now have things attached to ears making it even easier to communicate and even more difficult to escape for even a minute.

Eventually you wear down and become totally useless.  There is no rest.  No one can perform at 100% all day without a break.  Constantly taking phone calls, emails, and other communications all day long doesn’t give you a chance to breath, let alone operate at maximum effectiveness.

It is about positioning and not being available every second of the day for Sales Professionals.  Position yourself like a Doctor.  Doctor’s are not available every second of the day.  Doctors have systems in place and a way of doing business.  You, as a Pre-Need Seller must put into place a system of doing business and begin to un-plug the cord.

Give yourself some rest time.  I don’t mean rest like you’re sleeping but rest through out the day.  I mean rest as in not being connected 24/7 to every communication known to mankind.  I mean positioning yourself to return phone calls at a later time, to make appointments on your time, to doing business the way you want to do business.

This technology thing has snuck up on us and pretty soon we don’t even realize we are available every second of every day.  All Sales Professionals who reverse the trend and put themselves into the Toll Position not only gain new respect and more sales but they also get a little breather as the day goes by.

Unplug yourself for a day.  Can you do it?  Are you addicted like a drug-addict?  Can you let the phone go to voice mail?  Can you leave the text message alone or ignore the email?

Time is critical and I’m a firm believer in time-blocking.  Do an experiment sometime and block your time and answer emails once a day at a pre-determined time.  Return phone calls at a pre-determined time.

Time-block your entire schedule

You may go through withdrawals at first but will soon discover the freedom and your new found energy by disconnecting from 24/7 technology. 

Just think about those extra few minutes of time you’ll pick up here and there.  Not to mention peace of mind and more energy.

Happy Selling




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