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June 17, 2017 by  

I do a lot of consulting and the number one question I get is:

How do you get so much accomplished?

They’ll usually go on about all the distractions that sidetrack them.  Most of them begin their day not knowing what they’re going to do.  But there’s more.

I have a Preneed Productivity Product that addresses how I get more done in a couple of hours than most get done in a day.

The reason’s pretty simple.

It begins with only thing we can manage.  Remember, you cannot stop time, slow time, or ignore time.  It tick-tocks away every second of every day.  What we can manage is OUR SELF.

You can’t control anyone but yourself.

And, to take it a step further.  It’s not the activicties we do during the scheduled event that matter.  No, it is accomplishing.  It’s about accomplishment.  It is about achieving the outcome you want.

There’s more but if you’ll start with YOU you’ll definitely get more done now.

One of my Lessons Learned by a Scheduling NUT-JOB has a quick way you can get more done now.

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