Shine a Pre-Need Light on 2016

January 12, 2016 by  

The famous self-improvement and motivational
speaker Earl Nightingale had this to say
about goal-setting:

“Unless you can say, in one concise sentence,
what your goal is, the chances are good you’ve
never clearly defined your goal.” 

The inability to clearly and concisely describe
pre-need goals when challenged reveals a lot
about an individual.

Most mediocrity and unhappiness is directly linked
to the simple failure of NOT clearly deciding
what to do.

And most pre-need sellers – including many in
captain’s chairs, are trying to steer the ship
while struggling against a perpetual fog.

They see their future like the “blind as the
proverbial bat” Mr. Magoo sees the world
around him.

Consequently, if they move forward at all, it must
be very cautiously and hesitantly… like a cave
explorer groping in the dark.

You can accurately predict whether a person’s pre-need
life is going to be any different a year from today
based on how well or how poorly they answer
this question:

“What are your pre-need goals this year?”

Make sure you can answer that question with
confidence and precision.

Happy Selling!



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