The ABCs of Time

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Sales People aren’t born they’re made.  We all know one person who can sell ice to Eskimos but the reality is the best sales people out there work less by creating systems to take over the mundane stuff.  The really great Pros have a habit of making life easier for themselves and will do what ever it takes including delegating all the NON-SELLING stuff to either a human or a computer or both.

Below are the 4 habits of successful Pre-Need Sellers as it relates to prospecting and follow-up and staying-in-touch with Prospects:

1.  All Prospecting material is pre-done, sequenced, implemented on time, and done through a system (usually through a software program but can be by paper) eliminating YOU doing admin/labor tasks.  Pre-Need Sellers are ready to make presentations and focus on being in front of couples.  Every step in the process (from a thank-you note, follow-up, stay-in-touch, sales material) is in your system.  All you do is plug in the name and address and push the “start” button.

Much like a night lamp sitting on the nightstand by your bed.  Have you ever thought about a simple lamp?  They haven’t changed much over the years other than the outward appearance.  The guts of the lamp are a simple wire, switch, socket, bulb, and electrical plug.  Everything is ready so when you flip the switch it works.  When it doesn’t work you get a new light bulb.

High producing pre-need sellers have all of their prospecting steps and material waiting to flip the switch (add the name and address).  Everything goes on auto-pilot after you flip the switch.

2.  All Pre-Need Pros keep in touch through a Follow-up Program and a Stay-in-Touch Program.  I can tell you right now that this habit is critical to your success because if you don’t follow-up or stay-in-touch you’ll lose that prospect to someone else.

These programs work similarly to the above mentioned.  Flip a switch (add name and address) and all of your material gets shipped out in sequence and all of your stay-in-touch steps get enacted immediately without you thinking about it or working on it or fiddling around with it.

3.  All truly great Pre-Need Sellers prospect and present at the same time.  This is the number one time management tool in your arsenal.  You just can’t beat killing two birds with one stone.

The Pre-Need Pro picks up an extra two-hours a day by multi-tasking through the presentation (get the sale, get the referral).  The best time to get a referral is when it is on your prospect’s mind.  Once you leave the home or your Prospect leaves your office the idea of giving you referrals greatly diminishes and continues to become more difficult as time goes by.  Get the referral while they (your prospect) are HOT!

4.  Really good Pre-Need Sellers become a Prospecting Machine.  All efforts and all steps from prospecting, administration, newsletters, testimonials, networking, accounting, normal correspondence becomes prospecting opportunities.  Everything a Pro Pre-Need Seller does is geared toward getting that next Prospect.  Because the best sellers of pre-need are not the great closers, are not the great presenters, they are the really Great Prospectors.

Now, of course, there are other habits of highly successful Pre-Need Sellers but nothing beats systematizing all your Prospecting efforts into the LAMP analogy where all you gotta do is flip on the switch and the light comes on.

Happy Selling!



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