Where Did My New Year’s Goals Go?

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Where Did My New Years’
Goals Go?
7 Strategies To
Rescue Those Goals!
part 1

By May of the New Year the goals you’ve made are in total disarray, compromised, and totally abandoned.

And, of course, your determination to succeed at your goals has been all but forgotten.

This is not about guilt over missing your goals.

This is about the real reasons goals seem to be lost as the year goes on.  In fact year after year less than 6% Sales People actually achieve goals.

All of this amounts to how you schedule your time.  The simple question to ask your-self is why am I not applying my time toward my goals?

Below are a few strategies to get you on track selling more pre-arrangements than you though possible.

Strategy #1:  You cannot achieve your goals if you do not allocate time to do so.  A big reason goals never become reality is because you’ve never made them a part of your schedule.

If you need half an hour to focus on prioritizing your goals, tactics, and strategies you’ve got to schedule the time.  Think of it this way most people brag about how busy they are.  If your schedule is full where are you going to find the time to achieve your goals?

I heard someone once say they never look for more time to add to the schedule but instead they eliminate things they do not want to do. 

Each year my friend picks one, two, three things to eliminate that he doesn’t want to do.  As an example he does not like to do administrative work.  Each year my friend eliminates an administrative task.

If you need time to focus on your goals instead of looking for more time find something you can eliminate from your schedule.  I suggest you find the something you’d prefer not doing. 

Eliminate that item and you’ll pick up some time for your goals and actually feel better because you’ll be doing less of what you don’t want to do.

Strategy #2:  Your priorities should dictate your schedule.  There’s an hourly attitude amongst sales people.  If you’re reporting to your workplace much like a salaried or hourly employee and find yourself interrupted and focusing on the things that don’t produce sales for you you’re totally missing the point.  You must get control of your priorities and get away from everyone else’s priorities. 

I equate goals to time because it is a priority issue.  You control your schedule.  You control your time.  You control your goals and what you want to achieve.  Anytime you allow other people to hijack your time you are giving up your control of time.

My saying has always been to be “firmly flexible” but don’t allow people to hijack your time, schedule, and goals.

Strategy #3:  Goals require resources.  Almost anything you set your mind to will require you to make an investment.  Not just a time investment but a dollar investment.

Let’s say you want to double your sales. 

Obviously you cannot do the same things you’ve been doing and expect different results.  You will have to invest time into education, training, and money into more and different prospecting. 

If you were to lose weight you’d probably study a diet/eating plan, invest in exercise equipment or a personal trainer to name a few.  Be prepared to invest whatever it will take including your time and money into your goals.

Tomorrow we’ll go into part 2

Until Next Time, Happy Selling!


P.S.  We’re talking about time and money.  How to save time and make more money by reducing the amount of work you do and re-prioritizing the work to more effective and productive.




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