Why ONE pre-need goal is better than MANY…

December 31, 2015 by  

When it comes to setting pre-need goals, conventional
wisdom often tells us “the more the merrier.”

However, as the old Three Dog Night song said, even though
one might be the loneliest number it’s probably one of the
key factors to reaching success this year or any year.

When you have too many goals, it’s very difficult to make sure you,

a) prioritize them correctly and,

b) keep them from conflicting with one another.

If there’s any “secret” to unleashing the powers of the subconscious
mind, to accelerate achievement of any given objective,


When a specific, single pre-need goal becomes THE dominant thought…

The thing you are thinking about most…

The thing your thoughts go to whenever turned loose…

Then the time that will elapse before that THING becomes
a reality is almost zero.

It usually takes a long time for an idea to go from first thought to
dominant thought.

But when you tighten that gestation period, you automatically
accelerate achievement.

Of all the “personal success principles” this is the most powerful.

Energy flows where your intention goes.  Focus all your energy, time,
and attention on ONE single pre-need goal.

Make it your shining, directional beacon.

And push hard to make it reality.

Next time we’ll talk about your Pre-Need Sandwich.

Happy Selling!


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