Why pre-need sellers get “lost” on their way to success

August 25, 2015 by  

Remember “LOST” – that hit TV show from ABC?

Talk about a roller-coaster ride.

End-to-end from 2004 to its controversial conclusion in 2010, LOST was a one show that consistently delivered unique characters, bizarre plot twists, and incomprehensible-yet-addictive storylines.

One of the main characters, John Locke, often railed against Fate, “The ISLAND,” and the demands of his fellow shipwreckers with the phrase:

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”

That’s a line that I’d wager a lot of us pre-need sellerscan relate to.

We don’t like being told what to do.

And… like those trapped in this TV series, many of us have spent way too much time LOST, In terms of what it is we do on a daily basis.

The days fly by and we still don’t see key objectives getting accomplished… or even signs of progress!

Why this happens is that most pre-need sellers have a lot of commitments but no plan or, Schedule for effectively organize their time… nor do many ever apply, some critical thinking to analyze where time is being lost and THEN identifying where adjustments need to be made.

The bottom line is that most pre-need sellers have no “road map” for work and find themselves lost, half the time or taking longer than they should to accomplish things.

This happens because they don’t;

a) Prioritize items by importance and,

b) Set specific times to actually get them done!

Another reason to organize yourself in a different way…  If you’d like to regain that “LOST” momentum for your pre-need business and, instead keep it on the fast track to success.

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Happy Selling!



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