The Accountable Preneed Player

March 9, 2014 by  

Selling pre-need is a lonely business.

Really, we spend most of our time chasing
prospects, following-up with prospects,
presenting to prospects,

All by our self.

Which means we’re accountable to
our self first, everyone else second.

A Gold Level Member of mine tells me
he’s made it his top priority to do and
complete all tasks he has on his schedule.

He’s relentless about it.

If it is not on his schedule he’s not likely
to do it.

But, when it’s on his schedule he has some
added features that continually ding
until he’s completed the task.

It can be difficult to use your self-discipline
to make you accountable because we
only have so much discipline.

If you need to use all of your discipline to
accomplish your daily task you’ll never
make it.

It requires a different type of accountability.

Sure, I could walk behind you with stick poking.

That’s not likely to happen.

Instead, you’ve got to find your own stick to
push and prod you into accountability.

Whatever it is FIND IT and IMPLEMENT IT
now to add a nice healthy dose of
ACCOUNTABILITY to become a true,

Preneed Player.

Accomplish more in the next six months
then the previous twelve.

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Happy Selling!



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