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Hey Gang, David here…

The Computer Guy just did some updates to the website and the Catalog page is live again.

He put several things on the Catalog page and you’ll see some more shortly.  The Catalog page is just above this post.

The Daily Pre-Need Tip is back.  If you’re not receiving my Daily Pre-Need Strategy go to the top right side of this page and opt-in and be sure to rescue the “confirm” link I send you from the “spam” in your email.

Please note I do nothing with your email address other than send you Tips & Tricks for Selling Pre-Need.  You’ll see my update Mon – Fri.  Nothing on the weekends.  If that’s too much for you than don’t opt-in.  Should you change your mind you can always unsubscribe.

There are hundreds and hundreds of posts throughout this website.  There’s also a bunch of Free-bies.  I encourage you to peruse it.  There are many who get my stuff but not in the pre-need business.  My material will work if you’re in sales but it is specifically designed for pre-need sellers both funeral and cemetery.

One thing you should know is I’ve done it.  I’ve sold lots of pre-need unlike some other so called gurus who couldn’t figure it out but profess to be experts.

You’ll also soon discover I’m outside the box.  That is, if you want to get the results that everyone else is getting then do what they do.  It’s sort of the definition of INSANITY.

The idea you can copy individuals who can’t won’t or don’t succeed in this business.  There’s a reason it’s not working for them.  That reason is simple.  They are also copying the mediocre majority.

Another way of saying it is the blind leading the blind.

I don’t know how you made your way to this website but I do sell some products and services but more importantly there’s plenty of posts with “HOW TO” designed to help you.

Take advantage of it.

If there’s a more pressing concern you have or issue you’re dealing with send me a note.  I’m not actively looking for more Consulting/Coaching Clients but will occasionally bring on a new one.

If nothing else, I do respond to email notes.  Just understand, it might be several days as I receive plus 200 a day.

In the mean time, thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Selling!



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