Membership Site Almost Ready

June 30, 2009 by  

Hey Gang,

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails concerning the membership site so here’s the latest.

A few weeks ago both the membership site and this one went down.  I was able to get this site back up with minimal losses.

The membership site was a bit more challenging.  It was as if someone drove a car 55 miles per hour head on into a solid brick wall.  If you owned the car you’d have a decision to make. 

Start again, or rebuild the car.

We tried re-building before determining it just wasn’t worth it.  On top of all that the Computer Guy’s mom wasn’t doing well and he had to leave town….thankfully she’s ok now and the computer guy’s back.

I didn’t think it would be so difficult to rebuild the site but to try and avert another disaster I changed various vendors.  Of course, the Computer Guy’s been driving me crazy with various decisions about how to operate the site.  The interesting thing about it is you won’t notice much other than the look of the membership site.

Bottom line is I’m rattling on because of options available…..way to many options…unfortunately there are lots of ways to “skin a cat”.

The site is almost ready and I’ll be testing it shortly.

It will have a different look and some abilities I’m still learning.  As soon as it’s ready all members will receive a note from me on how to get back into it.

Until next time…..Happy Selling!



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