Membership Site STILL Down For Upgrades

June 16, 2009 by  

If you haven’t noticed the Membership site’s been down off and on and will be down for updates. 

It was down and up again on Saturday, had it working Sunday.  Down again early this morning. and ran into problems with the updates messing up the site.

So, we’re STILL trying it again….

Hang in there…..

The FREE site you’re on now should be fine though I had to fix a few posts over the weekend.

This is a great lesson in backing up all of your stuff.  You should also have backup plans if your primary systems should go down.

Many of us rely on one method of Prospecting.  For example, though I don’t recommend door-knocking but what if it rains, or snows?  Develop more than one system and have backups for everything.

The email sign up on the top right of the page works.  I encourage you to sign up and I’ll send you notices when the site is updated as well as 7 Keys to boatloads of leads.

I’ll keep you updated.

Happy Selling!


P.S.  I’m working on a new membership site.  As you know I have an elite platinum coaching program and Gold.  Some of you have requested a more basic and lower cost entry level coaching program.  I’ll be introducing the BRONZE membership program in a few days.



One Response to “Membership Site STILL Down For Upgrades”

  1. Jerry Zakatchenko on June 30th, 2009 1:19 PM

    Any word on when the membership site will be up and running again?

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