Picture Your Prospect On The Lazy Boy Clicker In Hand

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Part 6 of 7 secrets to Prospecting (the couch-potato)  Okay, this question’s been asked so much I thought I’d address it right here and right now.

For some reason many of you actually believe your Prospect is sitting by the snail-mail box waiting for that letter from you.  Or, your Prospect is at home hoping you’ll call soon.  Or, that Prospect is standing by the kitchen table with anticipation eagerly awaiting your unannounced knock at the door.

Get real!

Your Prospect doesn’t even know your name.  Your Prospect cares about one person and one person only.  Your Prospect cares about WIFM (what’s in it for me).  Think of a radio station.  Your Prospect has call letters.  It’s called don’t interrupt me!  It’s called:  what’s in it for me?

You’ve got to understand here and now that your Prospect is sitting on the lazy boy recliner with the channel clicker in his hand waiting for the game to come on.  The other hand holding a cold beer!  Your Prospect is a big blob that needs a pretty good reason to get out of the lazy-boy and talk to you, or meet with you, or buy from you.

In other words if you  are going to capture your Prospect’s attention you had better figure out how you’re going to get him off the lazy boy and ready to act.

Many of you know I’m a big supporter of snail-mail.  And, no, I don’t have stock in the Post Office or much  faith they’ll be efficient when they finally do get around to moving the mail.

I’m more interested in multiplying myself out as far as I can.  If I go one door at a time knocking I’m likely to get only a few responses to my door-knocking but if I mail to a highly targeted group I’m far more likely to get responses for little effort on my part.  I let the mail do the Prospecting for me.

Secret number 6 of our 7 Secrets to Prospecting is to Prospect through the mail.  Think about this for a moment.  I realize the Post Office will be raising rates shortly but how many doors can you knock on in an hour?  How many phone calls can you make?  How many people will you actually speak to in an hour of Prospecting?

The reality is if you were to mail a highly targeted list a series of sales letters all linked together how much would it really cost you?  Is it worth the investment to mail regularly?  I think so.

Here are some tips.  Build a highly targeted list of folks likely to do business with you.  Mail a 3 step sequenced mailing with a follow-up postcard and keep in touch with a monthly follow-up program.  You’ll establish yourself as an expert, provide consistency through frequency of contacts, and when you’re Prospect is a porcupine get the sale.

Happy Selling!

P.S.  Another way to build your list is to Mine Your Natural Market, your spheres of influence, your backyard of referrals.  For all the details on capturing this powerful check out the Membership Description go to:  Membership Description


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