Subscribing Has Its Privileges

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Subscribing has it privileges. 

As a subscriber to this site you get the latest updates, the latest audio, print, and cutting edge Prospecting/Selling techniques sent to your door-step.

Wednesday morning I’ll be posting the complete printed expanded version of 7 Secrets to Prospecting (how to take the headache out of prospecting once and for all)

Here’s how it works.  The pdf will be available, right here, and you may download it immediately.  It is much more expanded not like the short summaries I’ve been posting the last several days.

There is a catch, though.  You must be a subscriber to get the password to open the pdf (it will be password protected).  On Wednesday morning at 8 am sharp (that’s 8 am my time, Arizona time).  Wednesday I’ll send all my subscribers an email with the password to the pdf.  Without the password you cannot open the file up.

As I’ve said before, membership has its privileges.

In the mean time if you are not a member yet, well, why not?  It doesn’t cost you anything….it’s FREE!  Simply go to the right-hand-side of the page and tell me where to send it.

Happy Selling!


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7 Secrets to Prospecting

How to take the headache out of prospecting once and for all

(the complete version, not the summary from the website

FREE to my subscribers)

Here’s how it works.  Subscribe by Wednesday, March 18th, before 8 am my time and I’ll send out the password and you’ll have immediate access FREE.  In your email will be the password and you can access it immediately.

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7 Secrets to Prospecting

How to take the headache out of prospecting once and for all

.Down Load the Above on Wednesday, March 18th, FREE to subscribers.


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