The Monthly Publication is Ending…

August 4, 2017 by  

Just a quick update.  After producing my monthly preneed publication for almost 10 years I’m retiring it out in October.  Why October?  Well, that’ll be officially 10 years.  The publication has gone through 3 make-overs with the most recent change about 4 years ago.

It’s been an honor publishing it every month.

BUT, it’s time to move on.  It does take up a lot of my time and the consulting practice is so large now I’m scaling back some of the other things I do.

For all the current subscribers you should have already received “what’s next” and an opportunity to grab it.

For everyone else, past editions have been very popular and I’ve only offered them to current subscribers.

In a few days I’ll add past editions of the publication on the catalog page.

If you haven’t already opted in my daily pre-need selling tips, go to the top right of this page and be sure you confirm your subscription by clicking the confirm email I send you.  You may have to rescue it from the spam folder.

Also, my daily email tips are Mon – Fri.  If that’s too much for you simply unsubscribe at the bottom of one of them.  If for some reason you no longer want to receive my email strategies just unsubscribe.

Please also note that many of my tips will have more info that ties into my catalog page.  If you’d like more info on a particular topic I’ve got a host of stuff available.

Please also note that the tips I send are free.  Don’t expect me to send more in-depth materials for free.  I mean, common, if you’re that cheap, go somewhere else.

We can still be friends.

I realize for many the budget’s tight.  You get what you pay for.  If you don’t invest in YOU no one else will.  And, no one can take your knowledge or experience away and you can apply that to other careers should you change or go into business for your self.

PLUS; No one, and I do mean NO ONE, ever appreciates things that are free.  We always discount free stuff and assume it isn’t worth much… why else would it be free?

Other than that also note that I’ve got more than 600 posts of info on this site.  I’ve been doing this website for 10 years.  I actually started on a different site then moved to this one about 9 years ago.

If you really want to learn how to sell pre arrangements (or anything else that requires in-person selling) you’ve come to the right place.

Research the site you’ll find it very useful… and it’s free to check out the posts.

Happy Selling!



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