What’s Next for How To Sell Preneed

August 5, 2017 by  

First thing’s first.  To the mail bag:

Why don’t you have any comments after your posts?

Great question, Bill.  So, I used to publish all of the comments I receive, and just in case you didn’t know, I have more than 3,318 comments.

Here’s the story.  I used to publish all the comments but soon found there were many “so called” preneed gurus that would send me notes requesting I not publish there name or company.  Well, at the time, I didn’t have the ability to edit these things.  So, just decided to not publish them.

It became such a problem that I just quit publishing any comments.  It wasn’t worth the hassle.  It’s easier to write posts that answer the questions or comments.

Second thing.  From the mail bag:

If you’re eliminating the monthly publication (I receive it and have for 4 years) what happens to your Silver Level, Gold Level, etc. ?

Well, that’s a great question.  The short answer is, I’m changing it.  It might be a few days but I’ll post the new how to sell preneed levels, first with current members, than subscribers, than casual post readers of the website.

IN THE MEAN TIME, if you haven’t already done it…go to the top right side of this page and opt in to get my daily preneed email strategy.

Warning, some of the emails I send will mention products/services I have.  If that bothers you unsubscribe.  If you don’t like it unsubscribe.  If receiving one daily email from me Mon – Fri bothers you, unsubscribe.

Other wise, enjoy.

We’ll still be friends.

Happy Selling!




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