Why Your Social Media Stinks

January 31, 2018 by  

In March’s Preened Players publication we’ll be diving into “all things social media”.  Why yours stinks, how to fix it, and what to do to get started.  Funeral homes are a disaster when dealing with social media.  They don’t know what to do, are in the Stone Age with technology in general, and are completely clueless with social media.

If you sell pre-arrangements either or both funeral / cemetery there is a place for social media.

We’ll dive into the biggest mistakes I see.

How to separate your personal social media from your business (even if you work for somebody else).

Why media in general is taking over the planet as we know it.

How to start from scratch.

If you’re a funeral home or cemetery, how to merge your marketing with your social media.

And, what “to do” more than not to do.

Send me a note for more details on this special two-part Pre-Need Players edition.

Happy Selling!


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