You A Preneed Celebrity?

March 8, 2014 by  

Why you need to be a Celebrity Preneed Player

We live in a Celebrity culture.

Most media organizations focus on celebrities.

  • Celebrities sell stuff.
  • Celebrities are considered experts
    even when they’re not.
  • Celebrities equal credibility.
  • Celebrities offer PR value.

Is there a downside to celebrity endorsement?

Yes, but this article is not about grabbing
a celebrity endorser.

This article is about YOU becoming a
celebrity in your own niche market.

Today, you no longer need to hire a celebrity.

Today, you can become a celebrity.

Call it a “mini-celebrity” in your field.

You can propel yourself to stardom and fame
thru some work, dedication, and patience.

  • Speaking
  • Blogging
  • Internet podcasts
  • A media resource
  • Write a Special Report, Book, or other guide.
  • Newsletter
  • Publish articles
  • Regular email
  • Partner with similar business
  • Targeted advertising
  • Get interviewed
  • Get testimonials

There’s more.

People treat celebrities different.

People admire celebrities.

People want celebrities.

Make yourself a Preneed Celebrity.

Happy Selling!


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